Jordan witnesses unprecedented increase in family murders in 2022


Published: 2023-01-10 19:20

Last Updated: 2023-09-30 03:47

Jordan witnesses unprecedented increase in family murders in 2022
Jordan witnesses unprecedented increase in family murders in 2022

According to Solidarity is Global Institute (SIGI), also known as Tadamun, the number of family murders in 2022 is the highest it has been in years.

The unprecedented increase in murders within the same family recorded a 94 percent increase in comparison with 2021.

In 2021, 18 victims were killed by their relatives, while 35 were killed in 2022.

In January, a brother killed his sister in Karak using a sharp tool.

In March, a brother strangled his sister to death in Madaba after a disagreement and another man killed his female relative claiming she stole something.

In May, a man killed his granddaughter in Balqa and another female was fatally shot by her brother in Jerash, which he claimed to be an accident.

In June, a person was arrested for killing his wife in Irbid after he confessed to beating her during an argument.

In July, two girls were beaten to death by their father in Irbid, then buried in the vicinity of their family home. Additionally, a man fatally shot his two sons following financial disputes, and another man shot his sister to death in Balqa. Also in July, a six year-old boy and eight year-old girl were strangled to death by their mother in Amman.

In August, three men killed their wives in Rusaifa, Zarqa and Amman, two of which stabbed them to death.

In September, a woman killed her daughter’s husband and burned his body after a family argument in Ma’an and a man fatally shot his wife and son in Jerash then turned himself in. Moreover, a man set fire to his house in Amman, killing his three children and another child shot himself using his father’s gun also in the capital. Also in September, a woman stabbed her husband to death in Mafraq and poured hot water on him.

In October, a man stabbed his sister to death with a sharp tool in Amman. Another man, who suffers from severe mental problems, stabbed his mother to death the next day in the capital.

In November, a domestic worker stabbed a woman and her daughter in Amman, killing the daughter. In another incident, a man killed his wife after an argument.

In December, a young woman opened fire in her family home and killed three of her relatives. A man killed his wife by hitting her in the neck area using a heavy wooden cane. Also in December, a man killed his three-year-old daughter in Amman.