Razzaz: Government has no magic stick


Published: 2019-08-06 12:32

Last Updated: 2024-04-15 18:00

Razzaz: Government has no magic stick
Razzaz: Government has no magic stick

Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz patronized the launch of the seventh round of Jordanian Investors and Businessmen Abroad conference.

Razzaz said that Jordan will play an important role in the reconstruction of the region, adding that everyone must prepare for this in the coming period.

"There is a large number of real opportunities available in Jordan, and our human resources and our ability to export services are enormous," Razzaz stated.

"We look forward to benefiting from practical steps that would enable Jordanian expatriate investors and businessmen to contribute to serving Jordan by taking advantage of the available investment opportunities and engaging in effective partnerships with local companies," he further said.

Razzaz explained that Jordan's relations and partnership with the Gulf countries at the official and trade level are very close.

During the conference, Razzaz revealed that the private sector in Jordan suffers from bureaucracy and high cost of production, especially the production of energy, confirming that the government is exerting its efforts in this area and "does not have a magic stick."

He added that Jordan relies on Jordanian expatriates to enhance its "positive image" in the world.

"We, as a government, know that there are challenges facing Jordan and we have a plan of action through which we seek for more achievements and look for the available opportunities," PM Razzaz stated.