Israeli Occupation army claims recovery of bodies from October 7 attack in Gaza


Published: 2024-05-17 18:50

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 19:30

Israeli Occupation Forces in Gaza
Israeli Occupation Forces in Gaza

The spokesperson for the Israeli Occupation army, Daniel Hagari, asserted that their military successfully retrieved the bodies of several victims from the October 7 incident through collaborative intelligence efforts with the Shin Bet.

Army spokesperson said that they managed to recover the bodies of three captives who were located in the Gaza Strip through intelligence coordination with the Shin Bet.

Hagari stated that the three bodies recovered belonged to prisoners who were killed during the October 7 attack, identifying them as Yitzhak Glinter, Shiny Luke, and Amit Buskila.

Furthermore, the Israeli Occupation army spokesperson emphasized their commitment to making significant efforts to promptly retrieve the remaining captives from the Gaza Strip.

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The Israeli Occupation persists in its aggression against the Gaza Strip for the 224th consecutive day since October 7, resulting in the death of 35,303 civilians and the injury of 79,261 Palestinians.

On the ground, intense clashes continue between the Israeli Occupation army and the Palestinian resistance, which valiantly confronts the invading forces.

Israeli Occupation aircraft and artillery have conducted raids and violent bombardments across various areas of the Gaza Strip, targeting homes, gatherings of displaced persons, and streets, resulting in numerous casualties and injuries.

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