Razzaz: The dramatic shift not only occurred in 'Western Amman'


Published: 2019-06-29 11:10

Last Updated: 2024-05-24 16:41

PM Razzaz during the conference
PM Razzaz during the conference

On Saturday morning, June 29, 2019, the Amman-hosted Digital Mashreq Forum, a high-level conference on Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Development in Mashreq countries, kicked off.

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said in a speech at the conference that "Countries no longer need natural resources, but there is a need for human resources, innovation and talent, and they are all available in Jordan. The dramatic shift had not only occurred in western Amman but also in a public school in Irbid. It is our responsibility as a government to promote digitization, it is not only for the elite."

Razzaz explained that "One of the challenges facing Jordan, the region and even the world is to empower young people and complete the process of digitization, which we are currently working on starting from the public schools and by young Jordanian entrepreneurs."

"The Fourth Industrial Revolution is real. We are moving to it and the countries of the region, such as Jordan, have a positive impact added to that," Razzaz added.

Razzaz noted that during the last decade, there was a need for a growing economy to be able to compete internationally, but this is no longer the case, adding that King Abdullah II School For Excellence in Sahab was a model for all public schools in the twelve governorates, as it was equipped with laboratories robotics, which was a new idea.