29 suspects of the 'tobacco case', 6 still at large


Published: 2019-03-12 12:50

Last Updated: 2019-03-12 13:28

29 suspects of the 'tobacco case', 6 still at large
29 suspects of the 'tobacco case', 6 still at large
Roya News Source

The first public court session of the ‘tobacco case' was held on early Tuesday, March 12, 2019, under the chairmanship of the Head of the State Security Court (SSC), Colonel Dr. Mohammed Al-Afif, the membership of the civilian judge Ahmed al-Qatarneh and the military judge Maj. Safwan Al Zu'bi, in the presence of the SSC prosecutor, Fawaz Otoom.

During the session, it was found that 25 companies and 29 suspects were involved in the 'tobacco case', while six suspects are still at large.

The 29 suspects included Awni Mutee, Salameh Al-Alamat, Bashar Issa, Issa Yousef Issa, Mohammed Al-Alamat, Ismail, Raed Hamdan, Jasser Al-Nabar, Mutasem Hajjeer, Saif Al-din Abu Roqa'a, Yazid Boujeh, Mahmoud Hammad, Jafar Abul Failat, Mohammad Atieh, Yousef Khazam (Lebanese), Mohammad Ta'am Allah, Ayman Altiti, the retired Major General, Wadah Al Hmoud, the former Minister, Munir Oweis, Salem Khasawneh, the former Advisor to the Ministry of Finance, Wahab Awamleh, Islam Ghidan, and Wael Smadi.

The six suspects who are still at large were all tried in absentia and included Ismail Abu Mazghoul, Atef Hussein (holds Dutch nationality), Ahmed Da'asan, Mustafa Nour Aldin, Mohammed Eid (hold Lebanese nationality) and Raed Obaid Abu Rumman.


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