Jordan Launches Electronic Passport Renewal Service


Published: 2018-12-31 12:37

Last Updated: 2018-12-31 17:35

Jordan Launches Electronic Passport Renewal Service
Jordan Launches Electronic Passport Renewal Service
Roya News Source

The Jordanian government has launched an electronic passport service for renewing Jordanian passports online on Monday, December 31, 2018.

Minister of Communications Muthana Gharaibeh said that the Ministry and the Civil Status Department have accelerated the launch of this service, which was planned to launch in 2020 for the importance of these services to citizens.

He added that these steps will make a difference and a positive impact on the lives of citizens and comes in line with the government's policy to alleviate citizens’ costs, time and transportation, as the volume of demand for these services is approximately 500,000 requests per year, and the online service will save the government a million Jordanian dinars.

Minister Gharaibeh said that citizens can now register online, request passport renewal service and pay electronically without the need to personally go or be present at the Department of Civil Status and Passports, adding that the new passport will be sent to your chosen address by the Jordanian Postal Service.

The Minister stated that this service will soon be available to Jordanian living outside of the Kingdom.