Public Prosecution lists violations committed by Victoria College in Dead Sea incident


Published: 2018-10-26 18:34

Last Updated: 2023-02-03 12:30

Victoria College School in Amman. (MadaresonaJO)
Victoria College School in Amman. (MadaresonaJO)

The students who tragically died during the Dead Sea school trip on Thursday, October 25, attended the private Victoria College School in Amman.

The Public Prosecution launched an investigation into the incident on Thursday, which cost 22 children and adults their lives, and left dozens others injured.

Parents were told that their children would be visiting the Dead Sea, despite notifying the Ministry of Education that they would be visiting ruins in Al Azraq, in the eastern desert of Jordan.

Changing the trip's route without notifying the ministry or taking its permission marked the first violation committed by Victoria College, according to Petra news agency.

The second violation was allowing students from the fourth, fifth and sixth grades to participate in the trip, even though the ministry had only agreed to allow seventh, eighth and ninth graders to go on the trip.

But the third and biggest violation was allowing students to go near swimming areas, which goes against the rules and regulations set by the ministry. In a document recovered by Petra, a paper signed by the school’s Headmistress clearly stated that “students were not to be permitted to swim at any cost.”

Additionally, the ministry had only agreed to allow a maximum of 30 students and two chaperones to go on the trip. They were also told to take two busses. However, the school went against the ministry’s orders and 36 students and seven chaperones went to the Dead Sea, using just one bus to carry them there.

Madam Inas is one of the mothers who lost their children in the tragic accident. Her daughter, Tala, insisted on going to the Dead Sea with her classmates, despite her mum's plea with the school to exclude her daughter from going.

She told Roya that she is not looking for any compensation, but that she holds Victoria College solely responsible for her daughter’s death, adding that she will be suing the school until it has been shut down, seeing as “she begged them to cancel the trip due to the bad weather, but they just would not listen.”

“The school has to close down. I’m doing this for Tala.”