Boys gone wild: Students violently destroy their school in Jordan


Published: 2018-09-03 10:53

Last Updated: 2018-09-03 11:34

A recycling bin hits a student after it was thrown down the stairs by his peer. (YouTube)
A recycling bin hits a student after it was thrown down the stairs by his peer. (YouTube)
Roya News Source

Shocking videos of students violently vandalizing their school - located in Madaba - on their first day back after the summer holidays swept social media on Sunday.

Dozens of rebellious boys destroyed their school property by throwing desks and recycling bins down the stairs, and scratching the walls. One of the bins hit another student and threw him to the ground.

The youngsters could be heard screaming and cheering in the background, while one of them chanted: "Coup, coup... that's what the people want."

The male pupils even went as far as traumatizing their new headmaster, who was unable to keep them under control. To make matters worse, they deflated one of the wheels of his car.

It is unclear whether it was teenage hormones or bad behaviour that led the young men to behave this way. More interestingly, no teachers were spotted in any of the videos.

Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Mohammad Al Okoor, said on Monday that a committee has been formed to investigate the incident and punish the defiant students accordingly.

The Governor of Madaba also met with the students from Al Faisaleyyah school this morning, to discuss their disappointing actions that went viral on social media, a source told Roya.

On Sunday, two million students returned back to public schools across the Kingdom for the new academic year.

The real question remains: how can we control such behaviour and what suitable punishment should be given out in such cases?