Jordan’s Traffic Point System


Published: 2018-07-02 12:39

Last Updated: 2021-03-02 21:14

Certain traffic law offences will result in revoking driving licenses.
Certain traffic law offences will result in revoking driving licenses.

The 2018 ‘Traffic Point System’ is in effect since instructions regarding its implementation were published in the most recent Government Gazette issued on Sunday, July 1, 2018.

The new system, which was introduced by former PM Hani Mulki’s Cabinet, regulates certain traffic violations through accumulated point-based records at the Traffic Department. The primary purpose is to identify, prevent, and penalize repeated offences of traffic law.

Now, penalties are associated with the driver instead of the vehicle – which accordingly would allow Traffic Police to confiscate a driver’s license if points exceed a certain amount.

Points are calculated according to the following:

  • If the traffic violation is not caused by a car accident, points are added from the date of the violation.
  • If a traffic accident is referred to court, points are not added until a final verdict is issued.
  • In case of committing violation No. 10 of article No. 5, points are added if:
    • The driver’s alcohol blood concentration is proven to exceed the legal limit, and a medical report stating its effect on the driver is provided by a medical professional.
    • The driver tests positive for psychotropic substances in a medical report.
    • The driver is caught drinking alcohol while driving.

If the total points exceed a specified limit, the offender may be temporarily disqualified from driving, or the driving license may be revoked. Fines and other penalties will also be applied accordingly to all Jordanian driving license holders, without exception.