New penalty points system for Jordanian motorists


Published: 2017-07-05 11:51

Last Updated: 2021-02-25 18:14

New penalty points system for Jordanian motorists
New penalty points system for Jordanian motorists

Jordan is considering adopting a new points-based system to penalize drivers for motoring offences.

The Legislation and Opinion Bureau posted a draft template of the system they hope to implement in 2017.

There are 44 offenses motorists could potentially be convicted of, including drink driving, riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, and crossing a red light.

Traffic police will confiscate a driver’s licence if it accumulates a total of 16 penalty points.

A driver’s licence will be seized for 90 days if it has between 16 and 20 penalty points on it, and for 120 days if the number of points is between 20 and 24 points.

If the licence has between 24 and 28 points on it, it will be seized for 150 days, and if it has over 28 points, the licence will be cancelled and seized for 180 days.

Drivers with 16 points on their licence will be given the option to attend a rehabilitation course at the Jordan Traffic Institute, and six points will be taken off their licence once the course has been completed. All course costs must be covered by the driver.

Meanwhile, if the penalty points collected are less than 16 points over a one-year period, they will be taken off the driver’s licence one year from the date the first point has been recorded.

The new points system will apply to all Jordanian driving licence holders, without exception.