PM Omar Razzaz and his Cabinet sworn in


Published: 2018-06-14 15:08

Last Updated: 2021-06-17 17:19

The new Cabinet consists of 28 ministers, 13 of whom are new.
The new Cabinet consists of 28 ministers, 13 of whom are new.

The new Cabinet consists of 28 ministers, 13 of whom were not part of Mulki’s team. In an unprecedented move, Razzaz appointed seven women to the Cabinet, which is 25 percent, a step up from previous governments.

Razzaz was entrusted to form a Cabinet by King Abdullah on Tuesday June 5, 2018. Since then, the PM held a number of high level meetings with political parties and members of the lower house of parliament.

Omar Razzaz takes the post of Minister of Defence in addition to Prime Minister.

Following is the list of ministers who were part of the previous Cabinet:

Ayman Safadi – Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs
Sameer Mobaideen – Minister of Interior
Musa Maaytah – Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs
Adel Tweisi – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Samir Murad – Minister of Labour
Mahmoud Sheyab - Minister of Health
Nayef Hmeidi Al Fayez – Minister of Environment
Muhannad Shehadeh - Minister of State for Investment Affairs
Abdul Nasser Musa Abu Al Basal – Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
Walid Masri – Minister of Transport and Minister of Municipal Affairs
Awad Mashagbeh – Minister of Justice
Khalid Musa Al Hnaifat – Minister of Agriculture
Majd Shweikeh – Minister of Public Sector Development
Lina Annab – Minister of Tourism and Antiquities
Hala Bseiso Lattouf – Minister of Social Development


The following 13 ministers are newly introduced by the PM.

Munir Owais – Minister of Water and Irrigation
Basma Mohammad Al Nsour – Minister of Culture
Yahia Mousa Kasabi – Minister of Public Works and Housing
Azmi Mahafzah – Minister of Education
Makram Qaisi – Minister of Youth
Mary Kawar – Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
Hala Zawati – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
Jumana Ghuneimat – Minister of State for Media Affairs
Tariq Hammouri – Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply
Mubarak Ali Abu Yamen - State Minister of Legal Affairs
Mothanna Gharaibeh - Minister of Information and Communications Technology
Ezzeddine Kanakriyeh – Minister of Finance
Rajai Saleh Muasher - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State