Protesters occupy Fourth Circle despite Cabinet resignation


Published: 2018-06-05 11:25

Last Updated: 2021-09-25 16:42

Slogan: We want the bread subsidy to be reinstated.
Slogan: We want the bread subsidy to be reinstated.

Protesters in Amman headed to the Fourth Circle for the fifth consecutive night on Monday despite the resignation of the Jordanian Cabinet which was headed by PM Hani Mulki earlier the same day.

Large crowds walked from Shmeisani to the roundabout, which is where the Prime Ministry is located, shouting anti-bill slogans and expressing their demands for reform peacefully.

In addition to calling for the repeal of the Income Tax Bill which was referred to the prorogued House of Representatives, demonstrators demanded price hikes to be reversed, austerity measures easened and the proposed changes to the Civil Service Regulation to be rescinded.

Before former PM Mulki announced his resignation Unions’ Council President, Ali Abous, asserted that the protests targeted policies and not the government. He explained that even if the Cabinet resigned, demonstrations would continue until the bill was repealed.

Security forces were present during the protest in order to keep the peace. Reinforcements were prominent in nearby areas and roundabouts in case the forces needed to respond to emergencies.

There were no notable clashes with officers within the last five days and according to Fadel Hmoud, a director at the Civil Defense Department, security forces handled 49,000 protesters across Jordan during the first four days, where the number of protest sites peaked on Sunday to reach 175 separate locations.



Government:0 People: 1

Government: 0 The people: 1