Rare goose spreads its wings over Jordan for first time ever


Published: 2018-03-04 19:05

Last Updated: 2024-05-21 23:01

Ross's Goose is famous for its black and white wings. (Tn.gov)
Ross's Goose is famous for its black and white wings. (Tn.gov)

The Aqaba Bird Observatory sighted the first rare goose to ever visit Jordan: Ross’s Goose.

Ross’s Goose is a small goose characterised by its white body with black wing primary feathers. The bird has a round head with dark eyes and a short triangular pink bill.

Males and females of this species are similar in appearance.

The bird was flying through the kingdom during its migration.

In just one year, more than 200 species of bird , and over 250,000 birds, were sighted by the Observatory during bird migration seasons.

The Observatory is located in a key region for birds, as it is positioned on the second most important path of bird migration in the world.

Over the past few months, the observatory spotted six species of rare birds, including a type of duck threatened with extinction worldwide.

The Observatory attracts tourists, researchers and birdwatchers; it aims to raise people’s knowledge of the environment and birds in particular.