Che Guevara poster artist draws Ahed Tamimi as “Real Wonder Woman”


Published: 2018-02-14 17:41

Last Updated: 2018-02-14 17:56

The Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick drawing of Ahed Tamimi. (©JimFitzPatrick Website)
The Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick drawing of Ahed Tamimi. (©JimFitzPatrick Website)
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Ahed Tamimi, 17-year-old Palestinian girl was the inspiration for the Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick, well-known for his Che Guevara print, to produce a new artwork.

Fifty years earlier, Fitzpatrick produced a famous black-and-white print of the Marxist revolutionary leader Che Guevara. The image had become a universal symbol of resistance following Guevara’s death in 1967 and is recognized now across the globe.

Fitzpatrick said he has been following Ahed’s story and felt the need to express his support in his own way. He told Newsweek magazine “Ahed Tamimi, to me, signifies nobility in the face of oppression. This is a kid, a child” in an article published on Tuesday.

“When I was 15, I think I would have been petrified. Wherever she’s getting her courage from, there’s a resonance of it echoing across the world. I’m just a part of it. There are organizations doing more than I could do, but I do think the pen—in my case, the brush—is mightier than the sword,” the Irish artist said.

Fitzpatrick condemned Israeli minister statement who claimed Ahed should be locked up forever by saying, “What’s happening there is truly appalling. What’s [behind it] is that old thing from the Talmud, ‘Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.’ I’m afraid they’re going to kill her. And that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

The print is inspired by an old photograph of Ahed. She appears raising the Palestinian flag describing her as“the real Wonder Woman”.

Fitzpatrick assured that the “Real Wonder Woman” imagery was deliberate as the Wonder Woman film stars Israeli actor Gal Gadot, a former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier who has previously been criticized for her pro-IDF views.

“I’ve been collecting comic books all my life. I’ve been a guest at San Diego Comic Con. I would not say anybody in that [comic book] community has an idea that she was an IDF soldier and supports the persecution of Palestinians as young as Ahed Tamimi. I think they’d be shocked if they knew that. I’m not blaming Gal Gadot for any of this, but it’s not pleasant that she supports stuff like this.”

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, Ahed appeared before an Israeli military court on 12 counts including assaulting security forces, throwing stones and incitement to violence. The trial was adjourned until March 11.

Ahed is one of the estimated 300 Palestinian minors being held in Israeli prisons. She was arrested in December 2017 after a video of her slapping and shoving an Israeli soldier in the driveway of her family home in Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank went viral on social media. Ahed has become a symbol of resistance and bravery for the Palestinian resistance against occupation.