17-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi kidnapped by Israeli forces


Published: 2017-12-19 11:25

Last Updated: 2017-12-19 12:56

Old photo taken for Ahed Tamimi while trying to resist Israeli forces. (Archive)
Old photo taken for Ahed Tamimi while trying to resist Israeli forces. (Archive)
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The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) kidnapped a 17-year-old Palestinian, Ahed Tamimi, from her house in Nabi Saleh village in Ramallah overnight Monday.

Ahed’s Father, Bassem Tamimi posted on Facebook after his daughter was arrested: 

Earlier on Friday, Ahed Tamimi was filmed slapping the Israeli Defence Forces’ (IDF) soldiers while they were trying to break into her family’s home.

This followed Friday’s demonstrations in Nabi Saleh Village where Israeli forces shot her cousin Mohammed with a rubber bullet in his face.

The IDF said she was arrested on “suspicion of attacking an officer and an IDF soldier.”

The Israeli Border Police also said that Tamimi is currently being questioned by police over suspected assault charges, the Times of Israel said.

It claimed that she took part in a “violent riot” in Nabi Saleh on Friday in which 200 Palestinians threw stones at IDF forces, where her cousin was injured.

A hashtag called #FreeAhedTamimi started circulating on social media platforms calling for her release in both languages English and Arabic.

Ahed Tamimi is a member of a famous activist family from Nabi Saleh Village, which holds almost weekly protests against Israel, as she was known for her heroic stands against Israeli military forces.

Two years ago, a video went viral for Ahed shouting at an IDF soldier who tried to arrest her young brother.

In the video, Ahed and her mother managed to take her brother away from the soldier.

In an earlier interview held with Ahed in 2014, she told Roya: "I want to deliever a message for Israel, that we are not afraid of them, and we will continue our resistence whatever happens".

"Everytime they kill someone of us, we will be more presisent to resist Israel for out country."

The past summer, the 17-year-old activist went on a speaking tour in South Africa to share her story of activism. She was also invited to dine with then-prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan three years ago.