Video of young Palestinian boy urging his dad not to buy Israeli products goes viral


Published: 2018-01-09 11:40

Last Updated: 2018-01-09 11:40

Sam Mohammad Shousheh
Sam Mohammad Shousheh
Roya News Source

One of Roya’s news reporters in Palestine recently posted a video of his son Sam on Facebook, which showed his little boy refusing to buy Israeli products from the supermarket.

Mohammad Shousheh filmed his son while they were having a conversation about which products to buy in the supermarket. Sam picked an item out and asked his dad if it had Hebrew words written on it, and as his father said yes, he immediately responded that he wouldn’t want to buy it because it’s Israeli.

The video has since gone viral in the Middle East, as people were both surprised and amused by the high morals of this little kid.

The fact that Sam realised the importance of boycotting Israeli products at such a tender age left people worried about how much they have done to boycott Israeli products.



“I wish we all were like Sam, to learn this and teach this to people around us, many simple things can help us support our families in Palestine. I wish we can all be like Sam.”


"This kid is patriotic. He knows Israeli products should be boycotted.”


“We should learn patriotism from this kid.”