#HelpIsraa: A Campaign to tell Israa Al Jaabis' story in Israeli prisons


Published: 2018-01-02 14:37

Last Updated: 2018-01-02 17:23

Editor: Randa Darwish

Artists drawing Israa to show the world her true story. (Twitter)
Artists drawing Israa to show the world her true story. (Twitter)
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Palestinian and Arab activists launched a campaign on social media platforms on Tuesday, under the hashtag #HelpIsraa, to let the world know Israa Al Jaabis story, the Palestinian prisoner in Israel who is in urgent need for medical treatment.

Israa Al-Jaabis, 32-year-old mother was arrested by the Israeli forces since 2015 after a car accident that caused her serious burns and deforms, without getting medical care in the Israeli prison.

Israa was moving to her new house in Jerusalem, in order to retain her Jerusalem residence, when the fire broke out in her car on a checkpoint, due to a faulty domestic gas cylinder. Israa tried to ask Israeli police for help but they ignored her.

Israa was sentenced to 11 years in jail, amid accusations of trying to attack the Israeli checkpoint.

However, Israa is still suffering from burns covering most of her body. She can't use her hands to eat or to do the least of any work. She lives on painkillers, and needs an urgent medical treatment to survive.

“Israa needs to undergo surgeries in her face, ears, hands and eyes which have been eaten by flames,” her family told Al Quds News.

“She needs to go under 8 surgeries at least, so that she could survive. 95% of her body is deformed and her fingers were amputated” her sister says.

Palestinians used the hashtag to reveal similar stories for Palestinians who are suffering the harsh prisons' conditions, like Azmi Nafaa, the 24-year-old, who was arrested on November 2015 over accusations of running over an Israeli checkpoint in the Westbank.

Latest report by Addameer, the Palestinian non-governmental Human Rights Association, showed a widespread degrading treatment by the Israeli forces against Palestinian prisoners, in addition to deteriorating humanitarian conditions, humiliation, neglection and many other violations.

Here are some tweets and posts used the hashtag #HelpIsraa and #FreeIsraa: