Jordanian social media reacts to MP's 'it's none of your business, citizen' comment


Published: 2017-11-28 14:18

Last Updated: 2017-11-28 16:15

Jordanians were not impressed by Tarawneh's comments. (Addustour)
Jordanians were not impressed by Tarawneh's comments. (Addustour)
Roya News Source

Jordanians made it their “business” to respond to MP Atef Tarawneh, who told a Jordanian citizen during a parliamentary session on Monday: “it’s none of your business, citizen.”

Tarawneh had come to Finance Minister Omar Malhas’ defence, after the man screamed at him for announcing the parliament’s decision to lift the bread subsidy in the draft state budget of 2018.

Using the now-trending Twitter hashtag “it’s none of your business, citizen,” users have lashed out at Tarawneh with sarcastic and resentful tweets.

"A Jordanian citizen's job is to pay money, other than that, 'it's none of your business, citizen."

“When did citizens ever have the right to speak out…..”

“When it comes to elections, they say you must vote.
It is every citizen’s job to hold their parliament accountable for the decisions it makes against the benefit of its citizens and their finances.
It’s none of your business, citizen, that MPs will receive cars as gifts after presenting the budget and cutting citizen support."

“It’s always been none of citizens’ business anyway.”

“We deserve it. If the MP saw thousands of people protesting outside the parliament, he wouldn’t have said ‘it’s none of your business, citizen.’”

“We live in a country that’s almost 100-years-old, and at the end of the 21st Century, and citizens are still not entitled to voice their political opinions.. That’s because the legislative and regulatory authority is allied against citizens.”

“The political and parliamentary scene in Jordan in a nutshell.”

Tarawneh said on Tuesday that the man in question had been promised aid by him, adding that he will fulfill that promise, according to Ammon News.