Trump plans to ban travel from more countries


Published: 2017-09-23 17:00

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 01:32

US President Donald Trump after signing the initial executive order. (File photo)
US President Donald Trump after signing the initial executive order. (File photo)

US President donald Trump plans to include more countries in his controversial immigration ban, according to hints from government sources.

White House officials said on Friday that they had determined a list of countries that do not want/cannot to comply with security regulations required of potential immigrants to the US.

Trump had said early in the year that he needed a 90-day ban on travel from 6 countries (Syria, iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia) and a 120-day ban on refugees from anywhere while he decided new requirements to enter the country.

Without specifying the new countries, the officials said a new presidential executive order would introduce a range of new regulations that ranged from stricter monitoring of travelers/immigrants/refugees (to the tone of searching mobile phones and social media accounts) to complete bans.

Miles Taylor, Counselor to the Secretary of Homeland Security, said that the purpose was not a definitive ban on nationals of some countries to enter the US, but to protect Americans until foreign governments complied with our demands in a way that would limit danger to our country.

The initial executive ban had been enacted starting June 29, after 5 months of disputes. Its period of validity ends this week, and whether the 180mil citizens of affected countries will be allowed to enter the US is yet to be announced.


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition