School's out for Tawjihi students!


Published: 2017-07-18 20:27

Last Updated: 2017-07-18 20:27

School's out for Tawjihi students!
School's out for Tawjihi students!
Roya News Source

The infamously strict and dreaded secondary exams (or Tawjihi as they are known on the street) are finally over for this academic year.

With over a hundred-thousand students taking Tawjihi exams this semester, the Ministry of Education reported that the already very strict exams and their regulations have seen a higher degree of compliance by students this semester.

In its statement, The Ministry reported a significant decrease in the number of student violations this semester compared to previous ones.

The Ministry proceeded to thank its staff, the teachers, the Jordanian Armed Forced, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, as well as the PSD and the Gendarmerie for helping make the exams happen.

As for the students, the announcement date of the examination results has yet to be revealed, but they are, for now, free.