Royal Decree appoints new managers of ministries, following resignations


Published: 2017-06-15 16:36

Last Updated: 2021-03-31 10:41

Three new ministers have been appointed by Royal Decree.
Three new ministers have been appointed by Royal Decree.

There has been a Royal Decree commissing three new ministers to manage the following ministries in the wake of yesterday’s resignations, according to Petra News.

Following a Royal Decree, on Wednesday, approving the resignation of three ministers from their posts, the following ministers will manage the following ministries from June 14:

Walid Mohy Al Deen Al Masri, Minister of Municipal affairs, will manage the Ministry of Social Development.

Sami Jarees Halseh, Minister of Public Works and Housing, will the manage the Ministry of Transportation.

Omar Zuhair Malhas, Minister of Finance, will manage the Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources.

This comes after yesterday’s resignation of three ministers: Wajih Tayeb Azayzeh, Minister of Social Development; Ibrahim Hassan Saif, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and Hussein Abdulkarim Al Sa'oub, Minister of Transport.