Prince Ali commends national team's performance


Published: 2024-02-12 19:01

Last Updated: 2024-06-14 14:49

Prince Ali commends national team's performance
Prince Ali commends national team's performance

His Royal Highness Prince Ali bin Al Hussein expressed pride in the team's performance, stating, "The stars of the national team represented all Jordanians and brought joy to their hearts with their achievements in the tournament."

He went on to underscore the significance of the team's accomplishments, highlighting the message that nothing is impossible in life. Looking forward, he emphasized the importance of focusing on the future, particularly the upcoming World Cup qualifiers and the AFC Under-23 Championship.

Prince Ali also commended the coaching staff led by Moroccan coach Hussein Amotta for their dedication and efforts, which contributed to the team's success on the field.

Meanwhile, Coach Amotta himself emphasized that the achievement serves as a solid foundation for future endeavors, crediting the team's stars for their outstanding performances.

In addition to celebrating the victory, there was a call to leverage this success to further develop the sports sector. Prince Ali emphasized the importance of utilizing the momentum from the victory to initiate projects aimed at achieving more success and progress in Jordanian football.

Captain of the national team, Ihsan Haddad, echoed the sentiment of pride and optimism, stating, "Jordanian football is experiencing its best moments." He attributed this success to the unwavering support of His Majesty the King, His Royal Highness Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Ali, and the Jordanian fans, all of whom served as a source of motivation for the team.

Haddad concluded by expressing confidence that the team's achievement will have a positive impact on Jordanian football, serving as a solid foundation for realizing the aspirations of all involved.