Power outage across Gaza Strip


Published: 2023-10-11 15:15

Last Updated: 2024-04-15 16:14

Power outage across Gaza Strip
Power outage across Gaza Strip

A power outage has been reported across the Gaza Strip as the power plant shuts down Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier, the Palestinian Ministry of Health warned that the horrible conditions in Gaza hospitals will worsen as electricity is set to be cut off within hours due to the depletion of fuel, expected to run out by around 2 PM.

Palestinian sources have cautioned of an impending humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza if the power station completely shut down due to fuel depletion.

It has been emphasized that this catastrophic situation will result in a humanitarian crisis for all Gaza residents, exacerbating further, especially with the ongoing Israeli Occupation aggression, which has led to the destruction of entire residential neighborhoods with hundreds of tons of explosives and the shelling of citizens' homes above their heads.