Security services foil attempted smuggling of 43 Sri Lankans to West Bank


Published: 2023-07-31 20:28

Last Updated: 2024-06-25 02:28

Queen Mary University of London
Queen Mary University of London

The security services successfully thwarted an attempt to smuggle 43 Sri Lankan nationals, men and women, from Jordan to the West Bank.

This illegal operation involved three Jordanian and one Palestinian intermediaries, who sought to exploit the Sri Lankans for unlawful employment within the Palestinian territories.

As per initial reports, the Jordanian Public Prosecutor took swift action, apprehending the three intermediaries under charges of human trafficking.

They were detained for a week, subject to renewal, while the investigation proceeded.

In contrast, the Sri Lankans involved were considered as victims of human trafficking, offering them the necessary protection and support.

According to insider information, the Public Security Directorate (PSD) received a tip from the owner of a tourism agency regarding the involvement of three Jordanians and a Palestinian in bringing the 43 Sri Lankans to Jordan under the guise of tourism.

The intermediaries had arranged accommodation for the Sri Lankan nationals in a hotel. However, the Jordanian mediators, in collusion with the Palestinian intermediary on the West Bank, clandestinely moved the Sri Lankans out of the hotel, disappearing to an undisclosed location.

Upon learning of this incident, the hotel promptly alerted the tourism agency owner about the disappearance of the Sri Lankan tourists. Subsequently, the security services acted swiftly to track down and apprehend the traffickers.

The Sri Lankan nationals were found in a house and treated as victims, while the three Jordanian intermediaries were taken into custody.

The investigation into this alarming case is still ongoing, and authorities are determined to bring all those involved to justice.

The security services are committed to combatting human trafficking and protecting vulnerable individuals from such exploitative schemes.