Aqaba Medical University is ready to receive students: Sayegh


Published: 2022-09-09 14:48

Last Updated: 2023-01-26 02:02

Aqaba Medical University is ready to receive students: Sayegh
Aqaba Medical University is ready to receive students: Sayegh

Michael Al-Sayegh, the Chairman of the Sayegh Group and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aqaba Education Company, said that three universities have come out from the company, including the Aqaba University of Technology.

In an interview with Roya’s Helwa Ya Donya, Sayegh spoke about the Aqaba Medical University – the first private medical university in Jordan. It will start receiving students this upcoming academic year.

This university seeks to attract students from Palestine, Egypt, and the Gulf states, in addition to Jordanian students, according to Sayegh.

He indicated that there are about 8,000 Jordanian students studying medicine regularly abroad and that the absorptive capacity of universities that teach medicine in the Kingdom does not exceed 1,000 students over a period of five years, hence the idea of establishing the Aqaba Medical University, which accommodates 200 students annually.

He pointed out that the university is ready to receive its students for the new academic year, and is awaiting the Ministry of Higher Education to obtain the necessary approval.

Sayegh also spoke about the university’s hospital, which accommodates 200 beds, and serves the southern region of the Kingdom.

The hospital is on an area of 50,000 square meters and has 35 outpatient clinics. The hospital has a center for treating cancer patients.

He pointed out that the Aqaba Medical University and the hospital employ nearly a thousand people.

During the interview, Sayegh talked about the partisan life in Jordan. He said that it needs political development so that the preparation of the citizen from a young age begins with the basic, social, and cultural requirements of society.

He called on the groups of society, especially the youth, to join political parties.