Sweden to apply for NATO membership: PM


Published: 2022-05-17 14:09

Last Updated: 2022-12-09 14:35

Sweden to apply for NATO membership: PM
Sweden to apply for NATO membership: PM

Sweden will apply for membership in NATO as a deterrent against Russian aggression, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said Monday, reversing two centuries of military non-alignment, AFP reported.

"The government has decided to inform NATO that Sweden wants to become a member of the alliance," Andersson told reporters a day after neighboring Finland made a similar announcement.

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"We are leaving one era and beginning another," she said, adding that Sweden's NATO ambassador would "shortly" inform NATO.

Sweden and Finland have both expressed a desire to act in lockstep on NATO membership and submit their applications jointly.

"We expect it shouldn't take more than a year" for the alliance's 30 members to unanimously ratify Sweden's membership application, Andersson said.

The announcement was expected after her Social Democratic party on Sunday backed membership, in a dramatic turnaround after having opposed the idea since the birth of the Western military alliance.

A broad majority in Sweden's parliament is in favor of membership.