Travel in the time of COVID-19


Published: 2021-06-20 16:42

Last Updated: 2024-04-21 13:29

Editor: Talah Turk

Travel in the time of COVID-19
Travel in the time of COVID-19

Before the coronavirus crisis dawned on the world, the biggest concern before travelling was obtaining a travel visa, picking the perfect hotel and sticking to the budget.

However, after COVID-19 took over our lives and redefined normalcy, PCR tests became the new normal and some travel plans became near impossible.

Roya News English interviewed the Jordanian travel blogger Dolly Dib, also known as 'The Dollzter' on social media, to speak about traveling during the pandemic and planning the perfect staycation.

Dib believes that all you need to do is leave your house with the intention of discovering something new.

Whatever type of traveler you may be or budget you choose, Jordan has something for everyone from luxury hotels to a fun day out for only JD 3.40, including three meals.

Hidden gems

Dib's most underrated spot in Amman is the Ten Arches Bridge. She said "there's also a train trail on top of it. You can actually visit the train station. It's not really advertised but I think it's one of the most underrated gems here."

As for underrated spots in Jordan, Dib said Um Al Namel "looks like a Windows XP background." Dib was blown away by its beauty, " It's so green! They call it Teletubbies land because the hills are so green!"

Other beautiful destinations to put on your local bucket list are Iraq al-Amir and Qasr al-Abd. In Iraq al-Amir, you can keep cool during breakfast or lunch by grabbing a table in one of the water springs, with your feet submerged in bubbling water.

Dib pointed out that there are five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kingdom, including The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ, Petra, Wadi Rum, Quseir 'Amra and Umm ar-Rasas.

Quick getaways

Dib said "What's really great about Jordan is that everything is so close. So, you can go wherever!" If you are planning a fun day trip, Dib suggests going to Irbid, Salt, Madaba, Ajloun or Jerash, all of which are a short drive away. Plan a picnic or go to any of the historical places, she said.

If you wish to stay in Amman, a nice walk in Downtown Amman, also referred to as 'al-balad' by locals, or going to a cafe in Jabal Amman is all you need for a day well-spent.

Crowd favorites such as a weekend in Aqaba or Wadi Rum are always a good idea, but "if you're looking for something alternative, there are really nice ecolodges, treehouses and cabins all around Jordan."

Unique excursions

To ease your adventures and guide you through the gems of the Kingdom, there is an application called Jordan Trail, said Dib, "It's so easy. You start somewhere and go somewhere, and it shows you all the things you will see on the way."

One of Deeb's favorite local finds is the Madaba Heritage Trail, which is basically a red line that runs through Downtown Madaba, "it's a 25-minute walk but you pass through 13 historic sites." When in Madaba, Deeb said Kawon Bookshop is a must-see, "It's all wood and has vintage books. The owners are so nice and they sell really good vegan food as well."