Group of scuba divers remove tons of waste from Stockholm's lakes, waterways


Published: 2021-03-10 10:00

Last Updated: 2022-06-28 18:38

Credit: Milky Wire
Credit: Milky Wire

In more than two years, a group of scuba diving enthusiasists have removed tons of waste from the water and handed it over to be disposed of by Stockholm's city council in Sweden.

When a friend of Frederik Johansson purchased a boat in 2018, the scuba enthusiast and social worker began diving under the water to check the hull and was astounded by the number of used lead batteries thrown into the water by boat owners.

Working with a few volunteers, Johansson helped to set up a group to clean up the waters. The group is called Rena Malaren, which translates into "clean Lake Malaren" in Swedish. The group of scuba divers, dive into all waterways and lakes in the city and pull out harmful waste.

Rena Malaren's scuba divers plunge into the waters to find waste items, secure them with ropes and then signal to their helpers to pull the items out of the water.

The group has removed a variety of waste from the water such as electronic scooters, lead batteries, bikes and shopping trolleys,