Man 'digitally divorces' wife via WhatsApp in Egypt


Published: 2021-02-28 14:00

Last Updated: 2021-04-10 01:15

Man 'digitally divorces' wife via WhatsApp in Egypt
Man 'digitally divorces' wife via WhatsApp in Egypt

Sunday, an Egyptian man refused to document his divorce to his wife, which was carried out through a message via WhatsApp, before the Family Court, forcing the wife to file a suit for divorce for damages, after she failed to prove her divorce at the hands of her husband.

The wife claimed that she had been subjected to violence at the hands of her husband, and he abandoned her for 17 months. She added that he had married another woman at her expense while living in her apartment, following his rejection of all amicable solutions.

The wife claimed that her husband kicked her and her children out despite him being able to afford expenses for his new wife and his family. "He refused spending on us, seized by possessions and jewelry, and tried to disavow my rights."

She added that he threatened to accuse her of adultery.

The wife also claimed that her husband and his family continued to insult, blackmail, and threaten her, noting that she felt a deep betrayal as a result of his actions. "I forgot that I stood by him throughout the years of our marriage."

"I was a servant to him," she said.