VIDEO: Roya launches ‘New World’ in 2021


Published: 2021-02-12 09:36

Last Updated: 2021-11-30 08:18

VIDEO: Roya launches ‘New World’ in 2021
VIDEO: Roya launches ‘New World’ in 2021

Friday at 9am, Roya Media Group (RMG) was launched as a new 2021 project using the slogan #New_World.

Roya Media Group is a Jordanian company that targets all segments of the local, regional and international community. This group operates through service and entertainment platforms directed to a wide range of interests in various media fields. Roya Media Group seeks to deliver its services by taking advantage of the latest technology in the media industry.

The idea of launching this group was to create unique local and Arab content, therefore meeting the requirements of viewers by narrating their reality in implementation of the first slogan of Roya using the ‘From_You_To_You’ hashtag.

Throughout the years, Roya was keen to present Jordan in its most beautiful form, which allowed it to achieve several successes, one of which was to obtain the title of leading TV station in Jordan.

With Roya’s keenness to keep up with the latest developments and to be a primary source for news, the group made sure that its content was liberated from the restrictions of time and place in line with the latest technological developments. Roya made sure to be with you no matter where you are.

There are several platforms in Roya Media Group (RMG), including:

Roya platform: this platform is based on a vision of a modern and advanced digital form that elevates high quality content and meets the interests and aspirations of the Arab and Jordanian viewers at home and abroad. Additionally, it contains an integrated set of interesting news, and cultural and entertainment programs.

Roya News: this is a platform that provides you with the latest news around the clock in both Arabic and English (Roya News English), with a primary focus on local Jordanian events, in order to ensure that citizens and subscribers of the platform are aware of the latest developments and events locally, regionally and internationally, in addition to reviewing the most prominent events and monitoring them in a way that guarantees constant communication with all its viewers. Through this, Roya became the primary source of information.

Donya Ya Donya: this is a platform that creates content that is relatable to viewers, and is a diverse platform with several topics. It is the first destination for global trends, lifestyle, fashion, food, parenting health, beauty and celebrities news in addition to the latest home decorations, and attractive travel destinations And with this, the world has become #between_ your hands

Roya Bazaar: this is a platform that provides people with an online shopping experience, including a varied range of items, such as food, latest fashion trends, handcrafted jewelry and home-made arts.

Roya Kitchen: this is a platform that will be launched March, 2021 which is the first of its kind in terms of local content, ease of application and interactiveness with followers for the latest recipes and exclusive delicacies.

Roya Kids: this soon-to-be-launched platform aimed at children aged between one to eight supports their educational knowledge, health awareness, social skills, problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, and encourages children to think outside the box.
This platform aims to spread the love of learning and reinforce basic characteristics through a set of original entertainment content. Children can use the application to learn, explore, play and visualize using flashcards, games, stories, performances and songs.

RMG’s services include:
Roya Academy for Media Training: an academy specialized in providing professional training programs through an advanced educational training center for talented artists and media professionals from all over the world to develop their artistic and media skills.

The Creative Lab: a platform to attract, embrace, and develop local, Arab and international talents in Jordan and neighboring countries, and provide them with the creative space and technical structure to #Get_Rid_Of_The_Box, in order to create a wonderful example of art with global skills, by providing content to all audio and visual outlets in the region.

Roya Talents: a platform that aims to be a link between the most famous talents, influencers and artists, between the local and global media market. It is #Your_Chance_To_Shine.

The Show: a platform that provides production services that combine the latest imaging, production and broadcast equipment, and professional teams specializing in all areas of production at competitive prices to provide cost-effective production services and technical expertise. The show's broadcasting and production services team is proud to support the biggest live events and most popular TV shows in Jordan, which are embodiment to provide #Infinite_Possibilities.

This is a summary of the platforms which contribute to the success of the Roya Media Group.
Due to the support from our viewers, we will continue to achieve through our journey of more success hand-in-hand.

Welcome to the #New_World.