Jordan will only provide safe vaccines against COVID-19: Obeidat


Published: 2020-12-07 16:47

Last Updated: 2021-03-07 15:27

Jordan will only provide safe vaccines against COVID-19: Obeidat
Jordan will only provide safe vaccines against COVID-19: Obeidat

Monday, the government held a press conference by the Minister of Health Nathir Obeidat, and the Head of the Coronavirus Portfolio Wael Al-Hayajneh to discuss the latest developments in the pandemic, and the government's newest measures to combat the crisis.

Jordan is in the midst of battling the coronavirus crisis, however, the pandemic curve is stabilizing, said Obeidat.

The Pfizer vaccine will be available in Jordan during the first quarter of 2021, Obeidat added, noting that Jordan has agreed with several companies to secure the vaccine and will only provide citizens with the safest vaccines against COVID-19.

Obeidat added elderly and health personnel are the priority for obtaining coronavirus vaccines, noting that it will not be compulsory.

However, Hayajneh said that producing vaccines is complex and requires certain costly infrastructures which Jordan cannot provide.

Training is currently being carried out for health personnel who will work in the three field hospitals, he added.

The field hospital at Prince Hamza Hospital will be ready to receive patients mid Dec., he added.

The government is constantly reviewing the cost of the coronavirus test and the cost of treatment in private hospitals, Obeidat said.

Hayajneh said the Ministry of Health has nothing to hide, regarding COVID-19 cases and deaths.

In regards to COVID-19 patients in hospitals, Hayajneh said that they are seperated into suspected and confirmed cases.

The stability of the COVID-19 curve in Jordan depends on citizens' adherence to health measures, Hayajneh said.

Hayajneh said that most COVID-19 cases in Jordan are among those aged between 25 to 34.