Back to school: Shorter breaks and no morning assemblies


Published: 2020-08-07 14:29

Last Updated: 2020-08-07 14:37

Back to school: Shorter breaks and no morning assemblies
Back to school: Shorter breaks and no morning assemblies

Morning assemblies in schools will be cancelled and breaks will be shortened, said the Minister of Education, Tayseer Al-Nuaimi, on Friday.

The government is planning to exclude schools from the general plan for opening sectors, in case the green phase is not reached.

The government announced September 1 as the first official day of school in Jordan, which means teachers will start working ten days before.

The Minister of State for Information Affairs, Amjad Al-Adaileh, has said the start of the school year and the academic process are urgent national priorities, especially after last year which was interrupted due to the coronavirus crisis.

Approximately 30 days have been lost from the last academic year, due to the establishment of a complete electronic education system for distant learning and teachers’ union strikes.

The government is focused on preparing for the new academic year to ensure all schools, institutes, universities and other educational facilities are ready to receive students.

All health and safety requirements must be met to resume the academic year, which will change based on the local COVID-19 situation.

The Ministries of Education and Health along with the National committee for Epidemics have developed protocols to deal with different scenarios regarding positive cases being recorded in educational institutions.

Ways to deal with positive cases, how to contain the spread of COVID-19, how to compensate for education electronically and effectively, without interrupting the academic year.

Remote learning will continue to enhance the process of learning, which the government will continue to work on it as a permanent option ready to be activated in case of emergencies.