Google Doodle thanks grocery workers


Published: 2020-04-13 14:09

Last Updated: 2022-08-16 06:27

Google Doodle thanks grocery workers
Google Doodle thanks grocery workers

Today, April 13, Google has delivered a special "thank you" message to all grocery workers in the world with a Google Doodle dedicated especially for this purpose.

In a message to grocery workers, who are always out there to ensure that people receive their needs of groceries amid the coronavirus crisis, the Google Doodle said: "To all grocery workers, thank you."

Google through its series of Google Doodles has been thanking all the people who are working during this crisis.

The series started on April 6, and has so far thanked public health workers, researchers in the scientific community, doctors, nurses, medical workers, emergency services workers, custodial workers, sanitation workers, farmworkers and farmers.

Given that there will be several Doodles in this series, Google is using the same basic format where the "G" sends heart/thanks/appreciation/respect to a themed "e" at the end.

Google Doodles: Thank you, coronavirus helpers:

1) April 6: Public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community.

2) April 7: Doctors, nurses, and medical workers.

3) April 8: Emergency services workers.

4) April 9: Custodial and sanitation workers.

5) April 10: Farmworkers and farmers.

6) April 13: Grocery workers.