Health Ministry: No new corona cases in Jordan so far


Published: 2020-03-09 09:50

Last Updated: 2024-04-19 16:55

Health Ministry: No new corona cases in Jordan so far
Health Ministry: No new corona cases in Jordan so far

In its daily brief, the Health Ministry confirmed on Sunday evening, March 8, that no new coronavirus cases have been reported in the Kingdom so far. 

"The number of coronavirus suspected cases currently in quarantine, and had arrived in Jordan from areas where the novel coronavirus is spreading, reached 80 cases," the Ministry added in the brief. 

However, the total number of cases that entered the quarantine and left after spending 14 days reached 221 cases. 

The Ministry said work is underway to prepare a new quarantine site, to be added to the approved sites, namely the Epidemiology Hospital - Al Bashir Hospitals, and a hotel in Amman that has been rented by the Health Ministry to be a site designated to operate as a center for quarantine.

The Ministry has urged citizens not to travel abroad unless necessary. 

It also reaffirmed that non-Jordanians coming from China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy are prevented from entering the Kingdom. However, Jordanian coming from these countries will be transferred to quarantine.  

The Ministry advised citizens coming from some countries where there is a large number of COVID-19 infections, including Iraq, Egypt, France, Spain and Germany, to do a "home quarantine" and stay in their homes for two weeks, and contact the health authorities if they show symptoms.

Earlier, the government decided to ban school trips as a precaution against coronavirus.

During a press briefing held yesterday at the Prime Ministry building, the Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad al-Adaileh announced that employees working in the public sector are not allowed to travel abroad.

The government has also decided to temporarily stop work permits for immigrants from abroad and ban issuing vacation permits for expatriate workers and foreign students, so they don't go to countries where the disease is spreading.

The Ministry urged the public to call the following numbers for any query related to the disease: (111/ 962-778-410-186/962-6-500-4545).

It also stressed that Al Bashir Hospital, the University of Jordan and the new Zarqa Government Hospital have been designated as quarantine centers for the central region, while King Abdullah University Hospital was designated to handle suspected cases for the northern region and Al Karak Hospital and Prince Hashem Military Hospital for the southern region.