Consumer Protection: Boycott dairy campaign was a 'success'


Published: 2019-07-23 09:52

Last Updated: 2019-07-23 10:39

Consumer Protection: Boycott dairy campaign was a 'success'
Consumer Protection: Boycott dairy campaign was a 'success'
Petra News Agency Source

In a statement issued on Monday, July 22, 2019, the Jordanian National Society of Consumer Protection (NSCP) confirmed that the campaign to boycott dairy products, especially in the rural areas, camps and the outskirts of cities "was a success."

The majority of housewives in these areas boycotted dairy products and began to make quantities of dairy needed by the household at home due to the low costs of producing these products at home compared to the prices of factory dairy, Head of the NSCP Mohammed Obeidat said.

Obeidat added that citizens' consumer pattern is changing, unlike in the past, and citizens are reluctant to buy goods with high prices or subject to a monopoly, calling on housewives to continue to boycott dairy products and resort to home-made products.

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