Jordan to participate in 108th session of International Labor Conference in Geneva


Published: 2019-06-10 14:24

Last Updated: 2024-05-27 21:07

Jordan to participate in 108th session of International Labor Conference in Geneva
Jordan to participate in 108th session of International Labor Conference in Geneva

Minister of Labor Nidal Batayneh will be heading an expanded delegation of 20 members representing the three parties of production "the government, employers and employees" at the 108th session of the International Labor Conference held in Geneva, which will begin today, June 10, 2019, until June 21.

Batayneh said in a statement that Jordan's participation in the Geneva conference comes within the framework of continued cooperation with the international community in achieving the development goals and the Kingdom's effective participation in various international forums.

Batayneh explained that Jordan has an influential role in the International Labor Conference's deliberations, as it enjoys the international community's confidence because of its labor policies and projects that aim at reforming the labor market.

He also highlighted Jordan's urgent need of the international community's support and to reach out to world institutions to meet their commitments to enable the Kingdom to face the refugee crises, in addition to supporting Arab positions and benefiting from the experiences of countries in tackling economic and social crises such as poverty, unemployment and reducing child labor.

At this annual conference held in Geneva, 6,000 delegates from the 187 countries, International Labour Organization's (ILO)members, meet to discuss and address a wide range of labor-related issues, reports of the organization's Director General, and the implementation of international labor standards, and budget.

During the ILO event, Director-General Jay Ryder will present his report entitled "Working for a Brighter Future," which will address the theme of revitalizing the social contract and adopting a human-centered action program for the future of employment through increased investment in human resources, labor institutions and decent work.

Jordan has presided over the deliberations of the International Labor Conference 2018, during which the president of the current conference will be elected.

Minister Batayneh will be delivering a speech based on the labor future, alongside the participation of the Jordanian delegation in the conference's plenary sessions.

The delegation will coordinate with the representatives of the Arab countries to take common positions on the proposed issues and work together to serve the development of Arab labor markets.