Razzaz: Employment is key priority to Jordan


Published: 2019-03-14 11:14

Last Updated: 2019-03-14 11:44

Razzaz: Employment is key priority to Jordan
Razzaz: Employment is key priority to Jordan
Roya News Source

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz stressed on the point that employment is the key priority of the Kingdom today, which the government will work on a continuous basis.

Razzaz gave his remarks during a cabinet session on Wednesday, 13th of March 2019, that discussed the issue of employment and unemployment.

He gave instructions to relevant ministries and institutions to coordinate with the Ministry of Labor on the provided job opportunities.

The Premier pointed out that the cabinet will allocate a second meeting to discuss the issue of unemployment and regulating the labor market. He added that "we have complex problems related to employment and we are working on resolving them."

Razzaz noted that poverty is directly related to unemployment and that its key solution is to increase job opportunities, especially in the private sector, stressing on the importance of regulating the labor market in light of a large number of expatriate labor as well as promoting the participation in the labor market, especially in governorates and among females.

During the meeting, a presentation was presented to the cabinet by Minister of Labor, Samir Murad, on the labor market and employment opportunities in the Kingdom.

The presentation included facts on unemployment according to regions and governorates based on official statistics and job opportunities available in different regions and governorates of the Kingdom.

Murad highlighted the Ministry's efforts in providing job opportunities in the private sector and the work towards fulfilling the government's commitment to providing 30 thousand jobs.