Jordanians can now apply for bread subsidies


Published: 2019-02-20 13:50

Last Updated: 2022-12-03 10:36

Jordanians can now apply for bread subsidies
Jordanians can now apply for bread subsidies

The Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD) urged citizens, who meet the conditions for receiving bread subsidies, to visit and send in their applications.

Families can benefit from this support if the total income of all family members in 2018 amounted to 12,000 JDs, or if the income of the sole holder of the family book amounted to 6,000 JDs.

Family members who work for either the private or the public sector can benefit from the subsidies, the ISTD explained.

However, Members of the armed forces and security services, retired civilians and military personnel, social security pensioners, their heirs and beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund, are excluded from the subsidies.

The website will ask applicants to provide the national ID number and the Civil Registration Number (CRN) of the head of the household.

Applicants can then move to fill in other data, including their address, telephone number, and the total family income for the year 2018.

If applicants are eligible, they will be asked to choose the payout method which is either via Bank services or via digital wallet.

Applicants have to enter the verification code placed at the bottom of the page after confirming that the information entered is correct. Once all information has been provided, the form will be sent to the ISTD and the applicant can print out the confirmation.

ISTD calls on applicants to submit the correct information and print the confirmation which contains the name and national number of the applicant, submission date and time, the serial number of the application, or to keep a copy of the confirmation page on their phones.