Viral Video Showing Celebratory Gunfire Sparks Widespread Controversy


Published: 2019-01-28 15:00

Last Updated: 2019-01-29 09:56

Roya News Source

A viral video is making rounds on social media showing celebratory gunfire allegedly in Madaba, with hundreds of people gathered in the midst of the heavy shooting to celebrate an engagement.

It is forbidden to practice celebratory gunfire and has been for many years as it has killed and injured many citizens. This old tradition is sparking widespread controversy, especially that it comes in light of the security agencies' prevention of such practices that promised to arrest all those who shoot at events.

His Majesty King Abdullah II  has spoken about this dangerous phenomenon in the past, and ordered security forces to arrest anyone who does, no matter who they were.

Information about the incident has not been verified, and getting a comment from the relevant security services wasn’t possible.