15 Speed cameras to be activated around Amman on Sunday


Published: 2019-01-15 10:25

Last Updated: 2023-06-05 15:06

Via Roya
Via Roya

The number of speed cameras on the roads in Amman is set to increase, as the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) will be activating 15 of those - in addition to installing a new traffic light - on Sunday, 20 January.

This is part of an “electronic monitoring program” between GAM and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Mohammad al-Faouri, who is leading the monitoring program, said that GAM had initially tested 12 speed cameras, three road cameras and one traffic light on 8 November, 2018, to test their ability to reduce the number of speeding cars and drivers running red lights.


Faouri said that the speed cameras have been installed in the following areas:

- Sahab Sixtieth Street heading towards the Vegetables Central Market
- Al Hurriya Street (Al Haqq Mosque)
- King Abdullah II Street heading towards the entrance to Al Sha’b Circle
- Al Laban traffic light heading towards Madaba
- Queen Zein Street heading towards Al Nahdah crossing
- Abdullah Ghosheh traffic light heading towards Jaber Commercial Complex
- Madaba Street opposite Abu Zaghleh heading towards the Customs Circle traffic light
- Al Waqar Street heading from the Vegetables Central Market towards Khreibeh Al Souk traffic light
- King Abdullah Street at the crossing heading towards the airport
- Al Ayyoubeen Street for those coming from Sahab Sixtieth Street and heading towards Al Hizam
- Al Ayyoubeen Street after the Mercedes dealership heading towards Al Sawame’
- Arar Street/Jordan Bank heading towards the Wadi Saqra traffic lights
- Zein Al Sharaf Street heading towards Deir Ghbar before reaching Islam Toghot University
- Al-Madina Al-Monawara Street heading towards the Suhaib Tunnel
- Al Qisiyyeh traffic light heading towards Ras Al Ain
- Al Hizam Street heading towards Saliheyyet Al Abed Bridge
- Princess Basma Street heading towards the Fifth Circle
- Al Waqar Street heading towards the Vegetables Central Market Circle from Al Khirbeh traffic light
- Aal Al Bait traffic light

We urge you to stay safe on the road, whether you are driving or walking and especially when you are crossing the street.