15 Speed cameras to be activated around Amman on Sunday


Published: 2019-01-15 10:25

Last Updated: 2019-01-15 11:30

Via Roya
Via Roya
Roya News Source

The number of speed cameras on the roads in Amman is set to increase, as the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) will be activating 15 of those - in addition to installing a new traffic light - on Sunday, 20 January.

This is part of an “electronic monitoring program” between GAM and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Mohammad al-Faouri, who is leading the monitoring program, said that GAM had initially tested 12 speed cameras, three road cameras and one traffic light on 8 November, 2018, to test their ability to reduce the number of speeding cars and drivers running red lights.


Faouri said that the speed cameras have been installed in the following areas:

- Sahab Sixtieth Street heading towards the Vegetables Central Market
- Al Hurriya Street (Al Haqq Mosque)
- King Abdullah II Street heading towards the entrance to Al Sha’b Circle
- Al Laban traffic light heading towards Madaba
- Queen Zein Street heading towards Al Nahdah crossing
- Abdullah Ghosheh traffic light heading towards Jaber Commercial Complex
- Madaba Street opposite Abu Zaghleh heading towards the Customs Circle traffic light
- Al Waqar Street heading from the Vegetables Central Market towards Khreibeh Al Souk traffic light
- King Abdullah Street at the crossing heading towards the airport
- Al Ayyoubeen Street for those coming from Sahab Sixtieth Street and heading towards Al Hizam
- Al Ayyoubeen Street after the Mercedes dealership heading towards Al Sawame’
- Arar Street/Jordan Bank heading towards the Wadi Saqra traffic lights
- Zein Al Sharaf Street heading towards Deir Ghbar before reaching Islam Toghot University
- Al-Madina Al-Monawara Street heading towards the Suhaib Tunnel
- Al Qisiyyeh traffic light heading towards Ras Al Ain
- Al Hizam Street heading towards Saliheyyet Al Abed Bridge
- Princess Basma Street heading towards the Fifth Circle
- Al Waqar Street heading towards the Vegetables Central Market Circle from Al Khirbeh traffic light
- Aal Al Bait traffic light

We urge you to stay safe on the road, whether you are driving or walking and especially when you are crossing the street.