Jordanian man makes own electricity at home after failing to pay energy bills


Published: 2018-11-23 12:43

Last Updated: 2018-11-23 13:10

The man used a small wind turbine to generate electricity. (Facebook)
The man used a small wind turbine to generate electricity. (Facebook)

If you’d like to find an alternative way to generate electricity in your home and cut down on your energy bills, take note from this Jordanian man.

After the electric power company cut off electricity in the man’s home in Mafraq for failing to pay his bills, he decided to use a wind turbine to put the lights back on.

The man posted a Facebook video explaining just how he did it:

“You get a small wind turbine/fan, electric generator, roller, electric cables, pipe, barrel, two batteries, car battery, equipment that converts 12 volts into 220 volts, and then wait for the wind to generate electricity; you don’t even need that much of a strong wind. Good luck guys,” he said in the video.

While social media users were impressed by the man’s initiative, they warned him to take much care during rain and thunderstorms.

Meanwhile, others joked that the electric company and government “will now be on their way to your house to arrest you on ‘corruption’ charges” and will “tax us on wind next”!

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