Future Investment Initiative 2018 - Saudi Arabia


Published: 2018-10-16 11:35

Last Updated: 2021-05-09 00:59

Future Investment Initiative 2018 - Riyadh
Future Investment Initiative 2018 - Riyadh

The Future Investment Initiative (FII), will be held as scheduled, in Riyadh, from October 23-25, 2018, even though a list of prominent international organisations and business leaders have announced withdrawal, potentially undermining the event, out of concern of Saudi journalist, #Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance.

The FII confirmed the participation of over 150 global leaders, investors and innovators from China, Japan, India, Europe, United States and the Middle East.

The program will examine how growth opportunities, innovation and solving global challenges can be driven by investment. The three themes of this year’s event are: investing in transformation, technology as opportunity, and advancing the human potential.

FII is a global platform led by experts of the world’s most visionary and influential leaders, to identify opportunities and future economic trends, and examine how investment contributes to development and global progress.

Thousands of delegates will be immersed in a three day conference of plenaries, summits, open discussions and task force sessions. The program’s main topics are:

One world: Can leaders from business and government develop a collective vision for the future?

Power moves: How will the shifting geography of investment change the future of innovation?

Capital flows: How will leading financial institutions stay competitive in the new economy?

Market drivers: How can global investors encourage capital market development in emerging economies?

Digital currency: How will the convergence of money and data change global commerce?

Better business: How can global CEOs support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Sky high: What will a new era of aerospace mean for business, commerce, and society?

Urban future: How can urban development amplify its potential to incubate world-changing technologies? And what global investments are required to drive these developments forward?

Frontiers of health: How will tomorrow’s advancements further impact longevity and quality of life? And what are the consequences of technologies that fundamentally change our underlying biology?


“I am looking forward to attending the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh to discuss innovation in technology and what it means to all of us. Overall, technology is the greatest thing that has ever happened to mankind. Artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning are helping JPMorgan Chase reduce risk and fraud, upgrade service, improve underwriting and enhance marketing across the firm. We know technology has been a great force, and for the benefit of all of us, that force should not be left unleashed”, Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, JPMorgan Chase said, before withdrawing from the initiative. 

“Political, economic and technological changes pose individual challenges for all businesses and governments, but the most intractable problems require a truly global response,” said John M. Flint, Executive Director & Group Chief Executive of HSBC Holdings PLC. “The public and private sectors have no choice but to work together to maximise the benefits of human ingenuity while managing its disruptive impacts. Sharing ideas and sharpening our focus on the problems we have in common are essential steps towards building a sustainable economy for all.”

Rajeev Misra, CEO, Softbank Vision Fund, SB Investment Advisers said: “FII is a unique event that brings together visionaries across business, government and technology who are collectively shaping the future of global investment. We share a common ambition to create an ecosystem that harnesses the world's most transformative technologies, to the benefit of humanity. Through the Vision Fund, we are striving to bring many of these businesses to the Middle East which we believe will support innovation, job creation and unlock new economic opportunities. We look forward to sharing our insights with the FII community.”