King attends security exercise by Gendarmerie


Published: 2018-09-17 19:35

Last Updated: 2022-09-23 03:26

King attends security exercise by Gendarmerie
King attends security exercise by Gendarmerie

His Majesty Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of #Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army, attended a security exercise conducted by Gendarmerie units, earlier on Monday, September 17, 2018.

His Majesty met with Director of the General Directorate of Gendarmes, Hussein Hawatmeh, where they discussed a number of security and organizational issues.

His Majesty was briefed about the expansion and development of the Center in terms of buildings, halls, fields, as well as its newly adopted teaching methods which follow the highest international standards in both the region and the world.

During the visit, His Majesty reviewed a security exercise entitled "The Safe Shield" which was carried out by a high-readiness battalion of Gendarmerie, and included field potential duties for a presumed security raid in a village.

The exercise included a diverse security executions as well as combat intensity assumption, in which live ammunition, flying jets, control procedures, isolation operations, medical evacuation, as well as handling and arresting suspects were used.

At the end of the exercise, His Majesty praised the advanced level of training and arming of the Gendarmerie. He expressed his confidence and pride in the skills and morale that the officers have.