Uber to ban riders low star ratings in Australia, New Zealand


Published: 2018-09-09 10:03

Last Updated: 2022-01-16 04:22

Make sure your rating is high enough to be able to use the app. (CNET)
Make sure your rating is high enough to be able to use the app. (CNET)

If you haven’t been the most pleasant passenger to ride with in an Uber car, then you better widen that smile and, if need be, be prepared to make interesting conversation with your driver, as he could well determine whether you’ll be able to use the ride-hailing app for future trips.

Starting September 19, the popular ride-hailing firm is applying new guidelines to its riders in Australia and New Zealand: those with a star rating less than four stars may be banned from using the service, reported CNET.

"If your average rating is below the city minimum after multiple notifications, your Uber account may be deactivated," state the guidelines.

Don’t worry though, most riders rate in the mid fours and above, meaning that their drivers must have equally liked them and gave a similar rating.

However, if after receiving several warning notifications from Uber, the rider remains unable to improve their attitude and continues to receive a low rating, then the firm will ban them from using their services, Uber told CNET.

The point in all of this is to provide an enjoyable ride for both the rider and driver, and to ensure that both sides are satisfied and respectful of one another.

Go on, go, we know you’re dying to check your rating after reading this!