Abbas to grant Swedish activist Palestinian nationality


Published: 2018-07-07 12:03

Last Updated: 2018-07-07 15:06

Swedish activist and musician Benjamin Ladraa.
Swedish activist and musician Benjamin Ladraa.
Roya News Source

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, intends to grant Swedish 25-year-old activist, Benjamin Ladraa, the Palestinian nationality and a Medal of Merit and Excellence in recognition of his efforts to raise awareness of the dire situation Palestinians face under Israeli occupation, WAFA news agency reported on Friday.

Abbas’s decision comes in response to the Israeli government’s rejection to permit the Swede to enter the country after completing an 11-month on-foot journey to reach Palestine.

The President commended Ladraa’s effort to relate the Palestinian suffering to the world and draw public attention toward the crimes committed by the occupying power against Palestinians.

Ladraa’s solidarity walk was halted as the Israeli occupation authorities prevented him from crossing the King Hussein Bridge after a six-hour interrogation on the grounds that he was “lying” and “would go to Nabi Saleh and make a demonstration”, the village of Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi who is serving an eight-month prison sentence.

Ladra's “Walk to Palestine” began in August 2017; by the time he reached Jordan he had visited 14 countries and covered 4,800 kilometers.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, among other hurdles, he proudly carried the Palestinian flag and sported the the kuffiyeh, the a traditional black and white scarf worn in Palestine.

On Saturday, Ladraa held a press conference in Amman's Professional Unions' building in Shmeisani asserting that the occupying power denied him access because they don't want him to witness, record and exhibit its violations first hand. 

Furhtermore, he stressed that the justifications Isreal used to deny him access would be considered void in a democratic country

The activist arrived to Jordan on June 26 and was received by journalists. Here is his what he had to say during his first press conference which was covered by Roya News TV.

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