Fifth night of Fourth Circle Protests in pictures


Published: 2018-06-05 16:02

Last Updated: 2018-06-06 11:33

Thousands occupied Amman's Fourth Circle for the fifth night.
Thousands occupied Amman's Fourth Circle for the fifth night.
Roya News Source

Protesters in Amman occupied the Fourth Circle, a prominent location hosting the Prime Ministry, for the fifth consecutive night on Monday despite the resignation of the Jordanian Cabinet which was headed by PM Hani Mulki earlier the same day.

Numerous people welcomed both the protesters with sweets for the occasion of Mulki’s resignation. A sign that read “We have Qatayef,” a popular middle eastern sweet, encouraged young and old people present in the early hours of Tuesday to help themselves to a Sohour delight.

Women and children were also at the forefront of the protest, holding signs, chanting slogans and talking to the security forces.

Despite the festive spirits, the serious demands were ever more prominent on the placards. One sign demanded the cancellation of the item “fuel price difference” in the electricity bill, in which price hikes are justified due to the increase of global fuel prices.

Another satirical sign read “The cycle of a Jordanian person in authority: Government institution director→ Senator→ Minister →Prime Minister, Minister, son of a minister, grandson of a minister #Parliamentary_Government”

Finally, a number of protesters volunteered to clean up the place before leaving the site, which is a very busy intersection when it is not used for demonstrations.