Who's really collecting your Ramadan donations?


Published: 2018-05-19 11:31

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 11:34

Always ask for a receipt for your donation. (E-File Group)
Always ask for a receipt for your donation. (E-File Group)

Ramadan is the month of giving, however, some people use others’ generosity during the holy month to collect money for themselves while posing as legitimate charity workers.

The Ministry of Social Development urged Jordanians to ask for a stamped receipt of their donation, to ensure that the person collecting it isn’t an imposter.

Al Ghad newspaper said that a group of young men and men posing as representatives from the Ministry of Social Development were collecting donations on Rainbow Street in Amman on Thursday.

The representatives claimed that the money collected would go towards holding an Iftar for orphans, at JD 1 per head. However, when asked for a receipt, they claimed that “they don’t have that many pages in their receipt book, that’s why they only sign them for those who make a donation larger than JD 10.”

Al Ghad reported that the donation collectors quickly walked off as soon as they received the donation.

Fawwaz Al Ratroot, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Social Development, told Al Ghad that all receipt books must have the Ministry’s stamp on them (or one of its field directorates), and must state the timeframe and locations of the donation collection.

Those who are found guilty of collecting donations for themselves, including via social media platforms, will be punished in accordance with the Jordanian law, Al Ratroot warned.