Israeli crimes against Palestinians reach ‘dangerous’ level: Jordan


Published: 2018-04-03 18:41

Last Updated: 2021-07-27 23:18

Arab League meeting was held today in Cairo on Gaza crisis. (FilePhoto)
Arab League meeting was held today in Cairo on Gaza crisis. (FilePhoto)

The Jordanian permanent representative at the Arab League, Ali Ayed, affirmed the kingdom’s support for Palestinians in defending their rights during an urgent meeting on Israeli crimes in Gaza held on Tuesday in Cairo. Ayed said the Israeli crimes against Palestinians had reached “a dangerous level”.

He indicated that there would be no solution to the crisis in the region without Palestinians’ right to an independent state is recognized.

In the meeting, permanent representatives of the Arab League discussed Israel’s use of live ammunition against peaceful Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza on Friday.


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The meeting was requested by Palestine, and was endorsed by Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

During the meeting the Assistant Secretary-General for Palestinian Affairs, Said Abu Ali,urged the international community to immediately put an end to Israel’s crimes against Palestinians, set up an investigation, to hold them accountable, and to provide protection to Palestinians, according to Asharq Al-Awsat website.

On his turn, the Palestinian ambassador to Egypt, Diab Al Louh said: “The Palestinian government will demand international protection for Palestinians during the “Great Return March” and will work on launching an investigation into their crimes”.

Additionally, the Saudi Arabian Deputy Permanent Representative to the league and Chair of the meeting, Bader bin Saud Al-Shammari, affirmed the kingdom’s permanent support for the Palestinian cause.

Al-Shammari reaffirmed Palestine’s claim to an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. He continued to say that even though the assertion is ignored by Israel, it is widely accepted in the international community.