21 Palestinian mothers spend Mother’s Day detained in Israeli prisons


Published: 2018-03-21 17:26

Last Updated: 2018-03-22 11:14

Painting by Palestinian artist, Ismail Shammout.
Painting by Palestinian artist, Ismail Shammout.
Roya News Source

While the world celebrates Mother’s Day on Wednesday, one must remember the 21 Palestinian mothers currently being held in the HaShron and Damon prisons in Israel.

The women have 87 children in total, according to the Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, Addameer.

The detained mothers are rarely allowed visits from their family and friends, and are subjected to interrogations where torture is involved.

The women’s children go through a long process before paying the prison a visit, which involves applying for a permit, long travel hours, being searched and then finally seeing their mothers behind a glass partition.

In addition, 12 of them are being denied the right to a fair trial, according to Addameer.

Several articles in the Fourth Geneva convention provide protection for detained mothers in Palestine, such as article 89, which notes that special and extra services need to be provided to mothers and pregnant women in the occupied territories.

These are the names of the Palestinian mothers who are currently being held in Israeli prisons (provided by Addameer):

1- Yasmeen Sha’ban has four children.
2- Israa’ Ja’abees has one child. 
3- Helweh Hamamreh has one child.
4- Nisreen Hassan has seven children.
5- Ablah al-Adam has nine children.
6- Sabreen Zbeydat has three children.
7- Amani Hasheem has two children.
8- Ghadeer al-Atrash has three children.
9- Jihan Hashmeh has three children.
10- Sameha Abu Remyleh has four children.
11- Ibtesam Eid has seven children.
12- Khalida Jarrar has two children.
13- Nariman Tamimi has two children.
14- Hanan al-Akhdar has five children.
15- Fadwa Hamadeh has five children.
16- Khadija al-Rabe’I has six children.
17- Amal Sa’ed has six children.
18- Abeer Abu Khdair has five children.
19- Hiba Jajeh has two children.
20- Asiya Ka’abneh, waiting for a trail and a mother of eight children.
21- Niveen Shalaldeh, waiting for a trail and a mother of two children.