5 Things that make us happy in Jordan on International Day of Happiness


Published: 2018-03-20 14:02

Last Updated: 2022-07-04 17:06

Editor: Arwad Khalifeh

Smile, it's a day to be happy. (Entrepreneur)
Smile, it's a day to be happy. (Entrepreneur)

Today, 20 March, marks the International Day of Happiness. The global event has been celebrated since 2013 to spread joy amongst citizens of the world.

We all have commitments, daily routines and problems that we want to get away from, but let’s pause for a minute and think about all the things that make us happy to be in Jordan.

1. Lean on me

Via Mondays With Mark

When you’re in Jordan, you’re never alone. It brings joy to our hearts to know that whenever we’re in need, there is always someone to lend us a helping hand.


2. Spontaneity

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Jordanians always have time for friends and family - RSVP not needed. You don’t have to schedule a meeting with your loved ones; when in Jordan, you can simply pick up the phone, propose an outing and off you go.


3. Inclusive community

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Whether you’re here as a citizen, an expat, a tourist or have taken refuge in the kingdom, Jordanians have a way of making anyone feel included, and their hospitality extends to strangers… even their friends and family.


4. Weather

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Our climate caters for all tastes, which can’t be said for all countries. We get the full four seasons experience, so that those who love the heat can swim their way through summer, and those who love winter can indulge in cosy nights in by the fireplace (or electric heater!). Meanwhile, spring and autumn are a lovely balance between the two extremes.


5. Security

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You didn’t think we were going to end our list without feeling fortunate for living in a country with political security, did you? This point alone brings peace of mind to the residents of the kingdom and to anyone who is looking to come our way.